Just returned from a great trip to New York.  Always fun to catch up with friends at wonderful restaurants for breakfast , lunch and dinner.  One of my favorites was lunch my good friend and former business associate Craig Weinrich.  We met at the fabulous new restaurant opened by the great actor Chazz Paalmenteiri.  Chazz is an actor, screenwriter and producer best known for his Academy Award-nominated role for best supporting actor in Bullets Over Broadway and his recurring role as Shorty in Modern Family.  Craig ordered an over-the-top Chardonnay (which he knows I love!) and I had the very best linguine with white clam sauce.  Even the waiter was impressed with his wine choice!!

Now for the fashion report.  I went to visit Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue where the fashionistas  hang out (see photo) . Since it was cold and rainy, most women wear wearing versions of black puffer coats but added flair with a large scarf or shawl draped over their shoulders (see photos) and a hat.  The one nod to color was a bright handbag, this lady chose red which was a popular choice.

The stores were ready for Spring and their windows reflected some upcoming themes. Black and white is still #1 (of course, it’s NY!).  Here’s a photo of the Zara windows with lots of ideas on how to make it look fresh and new.  The other big trend was PRINTS, especially printed pajamas.  Here are two from Anna Sui in her Soho store window.  Well, at least it’s new and really comfortable!  New York inspires me and even a short trip sends me home with lots of inspiration and ideas!