We all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know. I consider myself very fortunate to have so many friends and business associates who have helped me navigate my life and truly made me better than I was. That’s why it is so important to me to host a radio show and website – The Janis Best Showto inspire, educate and motivate women to be happy, healthy and beautiful.

It’s amazing that in all of Northern Arizona this is truly the only radio show and site completely devoted to women and our interests. Ladies, there’s enough politics, news, sports, car talk and other guy stuff on the radio and online to last a lifetime. So don’t worry, The Janis Best Show will leave that to the rest of the radio and web, and instead focus on guests with stories and information about beauty, fashion, wellness, travel, relationships, the arts, philanthropy, home, family, food, wine and much more. You’ll be able to contact me to let me know what you’re thinking so I can bring in guests with information important to you and your life.

So join me and the women of Northern Arizona on The Janis Best Show, a warm, helpful and fun-loving community!