charging-elephant-1So the first 5:30AM safari was pretty uneventful.  Saw lots of deer (which I could have seen in Prescott!), birds and monkeys.  If there were tigers, they were somewhere else in this 15,000 acre preserve.  So, after returning to the hotel we ran to the spa where we took a long steam bath to try and get warm and had a lovely massage in preparation for our sunset safari.  At 5PM, we met our guide Agam and driver in the lobby and started off on our second safari.  It was just as cold and we loaded up on even more blankets for our open-air adventure.  Things were going as uneventfully as the morning safari until we rounded a corner where there were five other jeeps stopped and looking at a small heard of elephants and their babies.  All was calm and peaceful until the biggest elephant began to stare at us. Then suddenly, she began to CHARGE our jeep and our driver started to back up quickly.  This terrifying experience lasted about five very long minutes when just as suddenly the elephant stopped inches in front our jeep.  Agam called it a “mock charge” which I think he made up to let us think this happens often.  Well, I couldn’t help thinking that before the trip I was worried about being eaten by a tiger and could have just as easily been charged and stomped to death by an elephant.  Well, at least I have a great photo and an even better story!