You’ll be happy to know I am now home safe and sound from our amazing adventure in India.  I’ve already told you how long it takes to get there but thanks to British Air Business Class and their wonderful lounge (where I actually got a massage while I was waiting for the flight to New Delhi!) time went by very quickly.

Here’s a tip, always wear compression hose on long trips to prevent blood clots and after a welcome glass of champagne, switch to water. 

So we finally arrived in New Delhi and were met by our smiling driver Shankar who was with us for the entire trip. We arrived at the TAJ GATEWAY HOTEL close to the Jim Corbett Park and escorted to a gorgeous bungalow.

The next morning at 5:30AM, we were off to our first safari in an open-air jeep in 35 degree windy weather.  It was then that we realized we had totally packed the wrong clothes as the park is actually at the foothills of the Himalayas!  The good news was there were blankets & hot water bottles which helped keep us somewhat warm but didn’t help the incredibly bumpy roads.

More to come…..