Janis Best passed away unexpectedly on June 4. Her husband, David Wollos, is planning a get-together of friends for July 22, 2017.
Please click here for a message from David about the get-together and additional details.

“To Inspire, Educate,

& Motivate Women to be

Happy, Healthy

& Beautiful!”

The Janis Best Show

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Janis Best’s Inspirational Career

Sandy Moss talks with Janis’ husband David Wollos about Janis’ career, accomplishments and the many people she inspired and encouraged. Dr Robert Zieve talks about aneurysm, and we introduce a new show based on Janis’ mission.



About Janis

How did a sophisticated, urban, well-traveled native New York fashion executive wind up living in a charming western town smaller than her Upper West Side neighborhood in Manhattan?

My husband convinced me that we had done everything possible in New York and it was time to relocate to a smaller, quieter, stress-free town, close to nature and California (where his family lived).

So, we flew to Arizona, checked out a number of cities and finally got to Prescott. The minute I saw the Courthouse Square Read More >>

Janis Best – “What About Today?”

Since Janis passed on June 4, many women have told me how much she meant to them in terms of advice and wisdom, that their encounters with Janis set their lives on different courses. So on July 22 I will offer The Prescott Wedding Chapel to those who wish to share their special relationship with Janis.

It’s my hope that those who attend will share Facebook, email, etc., and keep alive the attitude that only Janis possessed — no excuses, let’s do it now, today.

Event information:
The Prescott Wedding Chapel
105 W. Carleton, Prescott

It seems to me that Janis had singular, emotional relationships with almost everyone. She said or did things that made that friend feel special, unique, and thought about.

Speaking at the funeral with those that knew Janis, we all agreed that Janis was a mensch.

She attracted those seeking wisdom and advice, and we all know she had strong opinions. She was open and honest with everyone she met.

In talking with these women I’ve discovered how often their relationships with Janis helped them uncover their own strengths, giving many ever-growing confidence, making them feel better about themselves and able to see a new person in the mirror.

Since her death I’ve talked with more women than I could have imagined who feel this way.

So please leave your name and message, and come back to this site from time to time as we post updates on the event.

Thank you for thinking of Janis.

David Wollos

Social Media T.I.P.S. for Beginners in Business

By Donna Werking

Time is very important when it comes to your social media planning. Be sure to create a schedule and write down your goals for each social media platform. The average social media manager spends 6-8 hours per week customizing content.

Integrate your marketing brand across all social channels. Be sure you are using your logo and your messaging is still relative to your brand image.

Planning and preparedness is very important to your social media success. Once you open the door, you must commit and provide valid, relatable entertaining content, continuously.

Strategy is key. Know which social platforms will best serve your business. Understand the culture and how you are going to build a following.